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What do I need to begin with?
We need to have the logo or design sent to our in-house digitizer. We can accept emailed  designs in the following formats: Bitmap (.BMP), Encapsulated (.EPS), JPEG (.JPG), Microsoft WordArt (.DOC), Paint Brush (.PCX), Tagged Image File (.TIF), Windows Metafile (.WMF)
We will estimate the cost to produce a design that our electronic machines will use to sew out the designs.

How Does My Logo Get From Paper To Being Embroidered?
Modern Embroidery Machines are computer controlled. They need a computer program (pattern) to direct them to produce the desired pattern. The process of creating this program is called DIGITIZING. It is a key component of good embroidery because, without a quality pattern, it is impossible to produce quality embroidery.

What is "digitizing" a logo or design?
Digitizing a design is the art of translating a picture or idea into thread-form which the electronic sewing machines can interpret. This involves using special computer software that the digitizer uses to create commands, which the electronic embroidery machines reads and then sews. Every design is unique. The final quality of any embroidery is greatly dependent on the programming.

Who is a "digitizer - puncher" and what does he do?
A digitizer or commonly known as a puncher is a skilled programmer who makes the computer patterns which the electronic embroidery machines reads and then sews.
Can I have a custom logo embroidered? Yes! Just send a copy of it to us and we'll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours with a quote.

How do I know how much I will pay for a design to be embroidered?
1. Asia Embroidery needs clean artwork with color separations and the material to be embroidered must be stated.
2. How many stitches are in the pattern (we can estimate this when we see your logo or design), and
3. The quantity to be embroidered must be stated.
4. Mail or Email the preceding requirements to customer service at Asia Embroidery.Customer Service @ AsiaEmbroidery.com
5. A representative of Asia Embroidery will be able to give you a free quote in a very short time.

Can I get designs that are already "digitized"?
Customers can choose from thousands of beautiful stock designs by Dakota Collectibles Click Here For Link To Dakota Collectibles Stock Embroidery Designs and Great Notions.Click Here for A Link To Great Notions Stock Embroidery Designs We also carry an amazing collection of designs by Floriani of California. Click Here for Floriani Stock Designs.Please Note Design Name as well as Design Number. Our Libraries of stock designs are constantly growing so check frequently for new and fresh ideas.

Q. How do I wash my embroidered garments?
A. No special washing is required. Just follow the manufacturers suggested instructions.

Q. Can I use bleach?
 No, it is not recommended.

Q. How quickly will we act on your order?

1. Embroidered items with an existing design will ship within 7 - 10 business days.            

2. Orders with your digitized logo will take about 3 days to have the artwork complete. Once you approve the artwork, the same timeline as above applies.      

3. We can accommodate rush services also at no additional charge provided that our schedules meet your demands.

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